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Akan Twi tutor (Remote)

Preferable Location(s): Accra, Ghana
Work Type: Part Time
We are currently hiring tutors of the Akan Twi language. Apply now if you have a strong command of the  language.

1. Teach Akan language lessons to students through our interactive online platform.
2. Deliver lessons according to provided lesson plan to ensure effective learning results.
3. Teach 1-hour long highly engaging online lessons.
4. Coordinate with our curriculum design team to update teaching materials in order to improve learning outcomes.
5. Create Akan culture-centred content (blog articles etc.) to promote Twi lessons.
6. Miscellaneous Company duties.

• Experienced teacher preferred
• Outgoing personality, able to actively motivate students in class
• Excellent communication skills with a strong sense of responsibility
• Have a passion for online teaching
• Hardware Requirements: Desktop or Laptop with fast internet connection and audio/video capability

TEACHING SCHEDULE: Teachers can work from any location with computer and internet access.

Earn up up to 12 dollars per hour.

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